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Terms and Conditions

This Terms and Conditions regulate the relationship between the company Lanius – Turismo e Ambiente, Unipessoal Lda (Birdwatch in Alentejo®) and the client. They are complemented by the particular conditions of each activity program. Enrollment in an activity requires knowledge and acceptance of these conditions.

Reservations and Payments

  1. The reservations are considered valid, after being confirmed by the Birdwatch in Alentejo.
  2. New registrations are not accepted at the beginning of the activity.
  3. Payments can be made at the time of booking, before or after the activity. You can pay your participation in activities in cash, bank transfer or with Paypal.
  4. If payment is made by bank transfer, the reservation is only valid when it is confirmed. The client must inform the Birdwatch in Alentejo® that he made the respective transfer, and present the receipt or proof of payment so that our services can prove it in good time and validate the reservation.


  1. The prices of activities are based, among other factors, on the costs of services, insurance, transport, etc. The price also includes the Value Added Tax (VAT) in force.
  2. Birdwatch in Alentejo reserves the right to change activity prices when there is a change in service costs or other factors outside the company. Whenever there is a price change, the customer will be informed and invited within the time limit set, accepting the verified increase or cancelling their registration. If the customer wishes to cancel the registration in the activity due to the price increase, the amount paid at the time of registration will be returned.
  3. Activities do not include transportation to the meeting place and personal expenses in the respective prices.

Withdrawals and Refund

  1. If the client wants to give up his activity, he must do it up to two working days before the activity, in writing, by traditional or electronic mail, otherwise, it may occur in payment of expenses or total loss of the amount paid.
  2. There will be no refund if the customer wants to finish the activity earlier.
  3. Failure by the customer to show up at the place, day and time pre-established for the start of the activity, is considered a withdrawal and occurs in the total loss of the payment made, with no claim.
  4. Delays of 15 minutes or more beyond the pre-established time are considered no-shows.

Cancellation of activities

  1. In order to ensure greater safety and well-being in the performance of activities, Birdwatch in Alentejo® reserves the right to change the time, place and structure of the same if there are bad weather conditions or otherwise, outside the company, which oblige it.
  2. If facts attributable or not to Birdwatch in Alentejo® determine the postponement or cancellation of the activity, the customer may choose to refund the entire payment or change his registration to another activity of equivalent price. If the other activity chosen is of a lower or higher price, the customer will be entitled to a refund or must pay the difference, respectively. If a new date is proposed for carrying out the activity, the customer may choose to keep his registration.
  3. If the minimum number of participants indicated in the program for each activity is not met, we can:
  • Maintain the performance of the activity with a reduced number of participants by charging a supplement;
  • Choose to cancel the activity up to 5 days after the registration deadline, refunding the customer of all amounts paid, without any other type of responsibility on the part of Birdwatch in Alentejo® for this cancellation.


Our activities are accessible to anyone with motor autonomy. If you have a disability or difficulty you must inform the organization when making the reservation.


All our activities are covered by Birdwatch in Alentejo® insurance.

  1. All participants are covered by personal accident insurance (insurance company Tranquilidade Portugal, S.A.);
  2. The company’s professional activities are covered by civil liability insurance (insurance company Tranquilidade Portugal, S.A.)


  1. The client must respect the times established for the beginning of the activities as well as the intermediate times that are being defined by the same guide. The delays, in addition to manifesting a lack of care for other participants, may imply the impossibility of carrying out part of the activity.
  2. The client must follow the environmental recommendations and legal or established rules while the activity proceeds in accordance with the guidelines, and respect the rights and privacy of other parties.
  3. Upon registration Birdwatch in Alentejo® must be informed of any specific needs.
  4. Birdwatch in Alentejo® is not responsible for bodily injury, damage or material loss during the course of the activities.
  5. Minor participants must be accompanied by an adult person who is responsible for them


Lanius – Turismo e Ambiente Unipessoal Lda and the Birdwatch in Alentejo® brand is duly authorized and licensed by Turismo de Portugal I.P., through the National Register of Tourist Animation Agents (RNAAT) No. 185/2020, with its activities recognized as Nature Tourism. The company is also authorized by the Institute for Nature Conservation and Biodiversity I.P. (ICNF), operating in all protected areas included in its activities.

Use of photographs and images

The participant is informed that we will collect images during the tours and activities, with the aim of using them on our website or other forms of promotion of Birdwatch in Alentejo. Any image of the customer, captured during our activities, can be used by the company free of charge and without the right to pay the customer, in the illustration of the company’s promotional and advertising material such as catalogues, slides, posters, videos and the Internet.


All content on www.birdwatchinalentejo.com is owned by Jorge Safara and aims to provide information regarding our activity, is expressly prohibited for the User to sell or use without the authorizations.

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