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Spring time in Alentejo

Spring has arrived in the Alentejo and the area is a hive of activity, with some wintering species lingering in small numbers, while many migrants are either passing through en-route to the north or returning to take up residence for the summer.

The last of the Common Cranes have left the area, while many resident birds are singing and nest-building ahead of the new breeding season. In field trips to look at some of the region’s fantastic birding habitats, migrants are present in good number, including the magnificent raptors as the Short-toed and Booted Eagles which wintered in Africa have now returned to the Alentejo, while Swallows swoop across the skies in search of insects and have already returned to their favourite breeding haunts.

Time has been spent at a wonderful location where we’ve been photographing Sedge Warblers and other species, which for birdwatchers and photographers alike provides fantastic opportunities to observe birds in their natural habitat

We are also busy building new partnerships to provide more memorable experiences of birdwatching in the Alentejo which we hope to offer soon as part of our tours.

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