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Jorge Safara

Jorge Safara

Manager and guide


Jorge has been interested in wildlife since childhood – particularly in birds and through this has become interested in bird photography. Throughout his bird watching career, Jorge has developed a fantastic understanding of birds and their habitats.

To date, this childhood interest has led to him actively participating in the creation and development of local wildlife groups dedicated to the study and conservation of birds close to the town of Evora. He has also travelled extensively across Portugal, and the Iberian Peninsula as a whole, in search of birds, and participated in numerous studies, including the annual migration of raptors through the Sagres area of the Algarve during the autumn.

Having lived in the Alentejo for many years, Jorge is passionate not only for the wildlife, but also the rich natural, cultural and gastronomical heritage the region offers.

Through his love of birds and wildlife, Jorge has developed Birdwatch in Alentejo which offers guided tours featuring fantastic bird watching and photographic opportunities coupled with a unique insight into the area.


Manager of Lanius - Turismo e Ambiente, Unipessoal Lda
Guide Birdwatch in Alentejo

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