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The Perfect Moments is a project run by Helena Eusébio Borges, whose family ties and desire to expose the Alentejo region to a worlwide market has resulted in many satisfied tourists visiting her establishment and taking home with them unforgettable memories from Portugal.

Due to Helena’s love of meeting new people and learning about different cultures, as well as her love for children and most of all, her desire to share the best of the Alentejo with international visitors.

This ecotourism company that offers weekend vacation programs for families and friends, leisure programs for children and educational programs for schools. Each activity has been developed to highlight the heart of Portugal in the Alentejo region and maintain close contact between our guests and nature. Above all, our mission is to provide high quality recreational experiences through our personalized programs that result in our guests having “Perfect Moments” with us.

More information in www.alentejomoments.com

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