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Fantastic photography opportunities during Birdwatch in Alentejo trips

During the spring, we have taken clients who share a passion for photography on several trips to various parts of the Alentejo, and as ever our tours once again provided excellent opportunities to capture memorable images of the amazing birds.

During our tours, we are always looking to get good observations of birds and also observe their behaviour. Having a passion for photography we always try to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and capture the moment with our camera.

The locations visited provided us with a huge diversity of species to photograph offering everything from small warblers, larks, shrikes, the fantastic Little and Great Bustards as well as incredible birds of prey including the majestic Golden and Spanish Imperial Eagles, Short-toed Eagles, Lesser Kestrels and the graceful Montagu’s Harrier.

Montagu’s Harrier ©Cliff Tomaszewski

Using out transport as a hide, we are able to get close to the target species for photographers as shown here as our client Cliff photographs this delightful Little Bustard.

Here we see our customer (Cliff) photographing a male Little Bustard
Here we see our customer (Cliff) photographing a male Little Bustard

Bring your camera because you will have the opportunity to get some pictures of our birds and also the beautiful landscapes.

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