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Field Notes

Space for share articles related to the activity we develop through Birdwatch in Alentejo. Every bird watcher always has his field notes handy.

We decided not to accept reservations on our tours until May 31st. We accept reservations for dates after that, but we will not accept any payments for now. Until then, we will continue to improve our website and our tours.
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Birdwatch in Alentejo® is a brand managed by Jorge Safara that assume the leadership of the new company: Lanius - Turismo e Ambiente, Unipessoal Lda.
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Herdade da Cortesia | Birdwatch in Alentejo
The construction was born with the raw Alentejo nature, with the purpose to respect it. Today 30 rooms are blending in with the landscape, with direct access to the outdoors, pool, lake, conference room and gym, through sliding floor-to-ceiling windows. We are pleased to welcome you to a different Alentejo; a land we embraced and...
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The Place at Evoramonte
Situated at the top of Evoramonte, inside the castle walls, right next to the castle. Wonderful views of the surrounding area. A great base for exploring the Alentejo region. Follow this link to read the Birding page in The Place Evoramonte website. More information in www.evoramonte.com
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OWL Conference Évora
Évora will host from 26 to 30 October the World Owl Conference 2017. This event will bring together researchers, naturalists and ornithologists from around the world dedicated to the study of nocturnal birds of prey. The conference will take place at Colégio do Espírito Santo, a building classified as UNESCO World Heritage and which belongs...
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Monte Barrão | Perfect Moments
Birdwatch in Alentejo has now started a partnership with Perfect Moments, a project run by Helena Borges in Monte Barrão, near Alter do Chão. The Norte Alentejo has great potential for birdwatching and we hope to create fun and interesting programmes for visitors around Monte Barrão and in the surrounding areas. Soon we will be publishing the...
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View of Alqueva reservoir | Birdwatch in Alentejo
Alqueva is a small village that gives its name to a huge dam built on the River Guadiana. Since the floodgates of the dam were closed in 2002, the diversity of birds inhabiting the area has changed greatly, with waterfowl becoming much more common over the last 14 years. The Crane is one of the...
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Percursos Pedestres
Transalentejo – Walking Trails Alqueva is a guide with detailed information about eleven routes in the area of Alqueva Lake and the Guadiana River. You can see and download the detailed information of each route in http://www.visitalentejo.pt/en/transalentejo Enjoy these routes for birdwatching and use the eBird to record the birds observed and don’t forget to...
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Osprey Portugal | Birdwatch in Alentejo
Following on from last year, I am this summer once again part of the technical staff working on a project to reintroduce Ospreys in Portugal. Once a breeding species in the country, no pairs have bred since 2001. Beginning in 2011 in the area around the Alqueva reservoir, on the border of the Beja and...
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Bird Photography | Birdwatch in Alentejo
During the spring, we have taken clients who share a passion for photography on several trips to various parts of the Alentejo, and as ever our tours once again provided excellent opportunities to capture memorable images of the amazing birds. During our tours, we are always looking to get good observations of birds and also...
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